Bakers for 3 generations, the Michelazzo family has been baking delicacies in the Valera district for 51 years.

We have received from the Lombardy Region the recognition of Historical Activity and Tradition, a goal achieved thanks to the commitment and dedication of the whole family.

The first bakery was opened by father Sergio, on March 3, 1970, also in Viale Brianza, but at the intersection with Via Pola. In 1973 we moved to Via Beatrice D’Este and in 2010 we moved to the very central Viale Brianza, where we are still today.

Always in the food sector, we have acquired an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge. Strengthened by this training, our offer is constantly evolving.

We thank our loyal customers and our fellow-citizens, who continue to trust us and to appreciate the quality of our products and of our specialties prepared with mother yeast.

With this recognition we are part of a group of extraordinary realities that represent an economic heritage and socio-cultural traditions of our territories, a unique and incomparable Lombard “know-how” that makes Lombardy an excellence in the world.

Introducing the winners was the regional councilor Alessandro Corbetta who remarked the richness of Brianza in terms of entrepreneurial, artisanal and commercial activities.

There were many stories of life, courage, sacrifice and resilience that we witnessed during the award ceremony, which saw 117 activities scattered throughout the 12 provinces of Lombardy as protagonists.

Economic activities are the bearers of culture, knowledge and skills that are handed down over time and which, relying on historical roots, look to the future and represent attachment to the land, to the family and are a precious glue for society.

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