Not only Bread

Every day different types of bread are baked, unique in terms of flours, shapes and sizes, for which the best ingredients are selected.

The attention to quality that is observed in all phases of product processing translates into a constant search for high quality standards.

Every step is taken care of: from production to the selection of ingredients, from the preparation of the dough with natural leavening to cooking.


What is more magical than the smell of fresh croissants in the morning?

At breakfast you will be captured by a large variety of delicious brioches and croissants, plain or with different fillings made with selected ingredients such as milk, butter, jams and velvety creams expertly combined by our pastry chefs. This is the secret of our products which, once tasted, will be difficult to forget.

Pastry Shop

A world of sweet delicacies.

The crunchiness of the shortcrust pastry, the velvety taste of the creams, the scent of sweet temptations are moments of sweetness that Magna e Bevi dedicates to its customers. Artisan pastry is a magic that comes from a meticulous selection of raw materials and their use in recipes perfected with passion over time: baked cakes, fruit tarts, parfait, mignon and single portion pastries.

For an anniversary, a birthday, a particular event it is important to have a personalized and unique cake, tailor-made to make every important moment unforgettable.

Pizza & Focaccias

Quick, healthy and nutritious snack.

At Magna & Bevi you will find a rich assortment of pizzas and focaccias prepared with simple ingredients: water, selected flour and yeast. The long natural leavening gives softness and unique flavour and a high digestibility of the products.

The various fillings satisfy every palate and need to be savored at any time of the day.

Ready-made dishes

A wide choice of ready-made dishes both in take away mode and enjoyed at the table, choosing from first and second courses prepared using seasonal and high quality ingredients.

The packaging carried out by means of a blast chiller and nitrogen, allows a longer and lasting preservation of food and preserves its organoleptic properties, preserving its freshness, quality, nutritional properties, colours and fragrance and making ready-made meals available at the right time with the same quality of an express kitchen.